गुरूवार, जनवरी 21, 2021

Sony unveils limited edition Darth Vader PS4 console

With the November release of Star Wars: Battlefront nearing, Sony has unveiled the limited edition Darth Vaderinspired PlayStation 4 console.

The Star Wars-themed custom console will be available through two PS4 bundles which will be available from November 17, Sony announced.



The bundle will include a customized 1 TB PS4 console with an image of Darth Vader as well as the Star Wars logo repeated across the top of the console.

Also included will be the limited edition DualShock 4 controller inspired by Darth Vader’s suit. A mix of black, red and white, the controller will also feature the Star Wars logo repeated across the touchpad.

The bundles will include a physical copy of DICE’s upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront, plus digital download codes for four classic games — Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars Bounty Hunter — all playable on PS4.

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