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Withdrawal of Farm bill is a Rajdharm and true tribute to Late Farmers: Sonia Gandhi


“I feel too upset with the countrymen, seeing the condition of the Farmers (Annyadata) who have been struggling for 39 days in support of their demands at Delhi borders in the chilly cold and rain.” says Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

She also said that More than 50 farmers have lost their lives due to the government’s government’s reluctance to agitate. Some of them even took suicidal steps due to the government’s neglect. But the shameless Modi government neither the Prime Minister or any minister has a word of consolation till today. “I pay my respects to all the deceased peasant brothers and pray to the Lord to give their families the strength to bear this sorrow.” She added.

She further added that ensuring profits to a few industrialists has become the main agenda of this government. Rather than focusing to the public and peasants.

She urge that the Modi government should leave the arrogance of power and immediately withdraw all three farm laws unconditionally and end the agitation of the farmers. This is Rajdharma and a true tribute to the late farmers. she further added that Modi government should remember that democracy means protecting people and the peasant-workers.

Atmanirbhar enough?


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his latest address to the nation talked about becoming ‘aatmnirbhar’ providing social media and meme community with enough content to last for lockdown.

What we might have missed amongst this fun chaos is the reality of how government is still dependent on other nations governments for a number of things. In his speech Prime Minister mentioned that becoming self-reliant is the key to becoming a superpower in twenty-first century.

But do we find him honoring his words? There’s a saying, ‘Practice what you preach.’

Our Prime Minister certainly fails to do so. Especially when you wear Maybach sunglasses, write using a Mont Blanc and own a Movado, its hard to prove a point.

 All these are either German or American. The things that can easily be replaced to set an example to be followed.

Indian Government has come up with ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ which involves investing ₹20 lakh crore to help migrants, laborers and workers. It includes MSMEs also.

Credits: almost_bobby

With no money in the hands of poor, migrants stranded on the roads and daily wage laborers fighting for a meal a day, Modi’s ‘Atmanirbhar’ yojana seems to be running errands without any goal or result.

Losing money and losing face-problems of the Modi government


By: Talat Mohsin

Before BJP came into power and Narendra Modi became the prime minister in 2014, they severely criticized the Manmohan Singh led Congress government for the poor performance of the rupee in their rule. But now, when the situations have reversed, the same people are nowhere near commenting on this issue.

In 2014, before their tenure began, the rupee was around ₹60. Last October the currency had touched the 74 rupee mark. At the present time, the rupee has hit INR 71.80 against the American dollar. The currency is set for its worst monthly loss in six years and some analysts have forewarned of more bad days to come. The rupee has weakened by a little over 4% since mid-July and on Friday reached the 72-mark before retracing it’s steps. It has emerged to be the worst-performing currency of Asia this year. Some analysts have also claimed that the 75 rupee mark is not very far now. The right-wing supporters, who were very vocal in their criticism of the Congress, are now mute on the current developments of the rupee.

The falling rupee has also turned into a Twitter trend. Twitterati has been taking digs at the PM by using hashtags such as #ModihHaiTohMandiHai and RupeeVsDollar. People have also not spared the BJP supporters who were the most vocal about the condition under the previous government.

He’s being severely criticized for the liquidity crunch, poor economic conditions of the country, increasing unemployment and the highest FPI outflows in the market.

Trump talks to Modi and Imran; says tough situations, great conversations


By: Talat Mohsin

On Sunday US President Donald Trump spoke with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan, with the aim of reducing the escalated tensions between the two nuclear-armed countries.
On Tuesday morning, Trump took to Twitter to post about the call where he said that he had talked to the premiers about “trade, strategic partnerships” and that he has also urged the two countries to work our their differences.

The relations between the two neighbors had always been sour. But the latest step taken by the Indian government to revoke article 370 in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has been severely criticized by Pakistan. In addition, Pakistan has cut all trade and transport ties with India.

The White House issued a statement on the phone call to the Indian premier. It said: “The two leaders further discussed how they will continue to strengthen US-India economic ties through increased trade, and they look forward to meeting again soon.”

On Trump’s call to Imran Khan, the White House said that the call was to “discuss the need to reduce tensions and moderate rhetoric” with India over Kashmir.

Impetuous Kashmir move will have dire consequences: China


By: Talat Mohsin

In its editorial titled “India’s unilateral Kashmir move inside , dangerous”, the Chinese government’s mouthpiece The Global Times has criticised the Indian government on its Kashmir move.

The editorial termed the move as a “wrong decision” and explicitly warned that it would have serious implications on its image. “By revoking Jammu and Kashmir’s relative autonomy and by likewise revoking a decree which forbade non-Kashmiris from buying property in the disputed territory, India’s status in relation to Kashmir has been inexorably changed from that of a party to conflict to an instigation of an unnecessary and counterproductive provocation.”

It further added- “ When Indian minister of home affairs Amit Shah loudly claimed that India seeks to establish rule over Aksai Chin in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region it, displayed an attitude of hostility against China that is incompatible with a productive partnership based on realism and shared economic goals.”

It also accused the US and the West of “conniving with India” and has urged the international community to “de escalate tensions” and also to ensure that the rights of Kashmiris are not violated.

The Global Times is published by the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s paramount mouthpiece, the people’s daily and is infamous for its hawkish and insulting editorials. Therefore, it can be concluded that such an editorial was only published to chide India.

PM Modi to appear in Man vs. Wild episode


Our Prime Minister has a plethora of interests. One such interest, which he recently fulfilled, was surviving in the wild. Our frequent ‘travelling’ Prime Minister will feature in the TV Show – Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls.

The show host tweeted the clip in which he and Modi are in the river dinghy. The show will be aired on August 12.

Assam and Bihar are facing an unending misery in the form of flood. If our Prime Minister really wants to learn the survival, he should visit those areas. But, we know our Prime Minister, aren’t we?!

Modi set to take oath on 30th May


After a landslide victory in the just concluded elections, Narendra Modi set to sworn oath for the position of Prime Minister on 30th May.

The ceremony is expected to be attended by several members of the NDA, including senior leaders of the BJP and also members of the opposition parties.

“The President will administer the Oath of Office and Secrecy to the Prime Minister and other members of Union Council of Ministers on 30 May at Rashtrapati Bhavan,” said an official statement from President House on Sunday.

The selection of council of ministers is expected to be interesting after Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) continued with its move for generation shift during the general elections.

Although there are speculations about the fate of some of the senior ministers who were part of the council of ministers earlier, it is possible that some of the ministers may not be repeated this time.

During the parliamentary party meeting of NDA on Saturday, Modi had categorically said that he would decide on the council of ministers and the newly elected NDA parliamentarians should not hope for a designation but prepare themselves to work as a law maker.

…Meanwhile, Meme creators’ in India


Finally, the D-day has come and the Modi-led BJP is again coming to power with sheer majority of 300+ seats (projected). The meme creators in India are celebrating the victory in their unique creative fashion. Some of the popular memes across the internet are:

The anticipation of the Nation for the results can be measured in the following images from Andheri and Churchgate in Mumbai.

The Divided stand of BJP on Gandhi and Godse


Nathuram Godse assassinated Mahatma Gandhi in 1948. The Nation got into a deep shock. It recovered after some time and the anguish decreased and the incident carved forever in the dark pages of the history of Independent India. The ruling party’s leader’s kept the debate alive and even provided the justification for the assassination. Though they cannot ridicule the existence of Mahatma Gandhi from the freedom struggle, they tried their best to relinquish his impact.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday hammered his party’s Bhopal Lok Sabha candidate Pragya Thakur for calling Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse a patriot, underlining that this kind of a language could not be tolerated in a civilised society. “She has apologised. That is a different thing. But in my heart, I cannot forgive her,” said PM Modi.

In an interview to TV channel NEWS 24, the prime minister said: “Everything that has been said about Godse and Gandhi is horribly wrong and fit to be hated and criticised. Those who say this should think a 100 times in future”.

Though PM is trying his best to build the image of BJP as Mahatma Gandhi loving party, the leader’s have something else on their minds. The BJP on Friday suspended its Madhya Pradesh spokesperson Anil Saumitra from its primary membership for calling Mahatma Gandhi the “father of the nation of Pakistan”.
In a Facebook post earlier in the day, Anil Saumitra wrote: “Mahatma Gandhi was the father of the nation but of Pakistan. India has had crores of sons like him, some worthy, some unworthy.”

Questioned about the post, Anil Saumitra told reporters, “Nobody known or unknown has the honour of being the father of India. So Mahatma Gandhi could be the father of the nation but of Pakistan. Everyone is proud to be the son of the Indian motherland.”

Both faces of BJP are in front of you now. It’s up to you to decide which face of theirs is true and which is just a mask.

No Priyanka vs. Modi Showdown in Varanasi


It’s official now – Congress is not fielding Priyanka Gandhi Vadra from Varanasi. It’s finally decided that Congress is going to field Ajay Rai once again from Varanasi. Priyanka had earlier said that she would be happy to face the Prime Minister from Varanasi if the party decides.

Last week, Rahul Gandhi responded to a question on whether he plans to field his sister from the temple town. He answered, “I will leave you in suspense. Suspense is not always a bad thing.” Actually, Priyanka herself triggered the speculations when she responded to a question on whether her electoral debut will be from Rae Bareli, which is Sonia Gandhi’s constituency. She answered, “Why not Varanasi?”.

Ajay Rai was fielded in 2014 against Modi and Arvind Kejriwal. He finished third behind them.

This move is definitely not what anyone had expected. BJP leader, GVL Narasimha Rao, is mocking her by claiming that she ‘chickened out’. Anyone would say. Retreating is not a bad option but triggering speculations of a fight and leaving the arena without even contesting would definitely hamper the image of Congress.