Thursday, March 30, 2023

Our MLA’s were never given a chance to put forward their side: Manish Sisodiya

Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodiya told that MLA’s of his party were never a chance to put forward their side of the story. Talking about the disqualification, Manish told that honorable president should hear their side before giving any decision. 

Sisodiya told media that his party is doing honest work in Delhi. Due to which they are being deliberately targeted by the Modi government.

Deputy CM of Delhi further told that the central government is making several attempts to deter the Aam aadmi party from pursuing the path of honest politics. 

Jarnail Singh one of 20 MLA’s challenged Election Commission

Aam aadmi party MLA from Delhi’s Tilak Nagar, Jarnail Singh challenged Election Commission to prove that the MLA’s received benefits while holding the post of parliamentary secretary.
Jarnail Singh told “I challenge the EC to prove that we got even 1 rupee as salary, or even a house or car. We are ready to go to any court and if there is no option we will go to the people’s court”
Sharad Yadav came in support of Aam aadmi party.

JDU’s former president Sharad Yadav also came in support of Arvind kejriwal and told that the suspension of 20 MLA’s by Election Commission is undemocratic. Sharad Yadav wrote on twitter ‘@ArvindKejriwal Disqualification of AAP MLAs was undemocratic as they were not even heard which is against natural justice. Constitutional bodies in d country are being misused now a days.Appeal to public to deeply think about which hands d country will be secured in future.’

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