Opposition uniting against Election Commision decision of disqualifying 20 AAP MLA’s

Election commission on Friday disqualified 20 AAP MLA’s over ‘Office Of Profit’ case. After which, Aam aadmi party went to high court which will resume the hearing on Monday. 
After the decision by Election Commision BJP is criticising AAP & Arvind Kejriwal and asking for CM’s resignation. While the opposition excluding Indian National Congress is supporting Aam aadmi party and stated the decision undemocratic.

Let’s have a look at the leaders supporting Aam aadmi party.
Ex JDU President Sharad Yadav

JDU’s former president Sharad Yadav also came in support of Arvind Kejriwal and told that the suspension of 20 MLA’s by Election Commission is undemocratic. Sharad Yadav wrote on Twitter ‘@ArvindKejriwal Disqualification of AAP MLAs was undemocratic as they were not even heard which is against natural justice. Constitutional bodies in d country are being misused nowadays.Appeal to public to deeply think about which hands d country will be secured in future.’
CPI(M) came in support of Aam aadmi party

CPI(M) also extended there support towards Aam aadmi party & Arvind Kejriwal. CPI(M) took on Twitter and wrote ‘ Brinda Karat: EC decision to disqualify 20 AAP MLAs is undemocratic & selective in procedure & substance. It does not enhance the credibility of the election commission as an autonomous, independent, impartial body. We strongly oppose the decision of the EC.
Mamata Banerjee came up in support of Arvind Kejriwal over disqualification of 20 MLA’s

West Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee came in support of Aam aadmi party over the suspension of 20 MLA’s. Mamata Banerjee wrote on Twitter “A Constitutional body cannot be used for political vendetta. The 20 AAP MLAs were not even given a hearing by the Hon EC. Most unfortunate This goes against the principles of natural justice. At this hour we are strongly with Arvind Kejriwal and his team ”



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