Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Most Disliked President Of All Time, Proves Twitter

11-minutes heaven as Trump Disappeared from Twitter temporarily. 

Here is the finishing move by the Twitter employee, made Trump disappear from Twitter: On Thursday, around 7PM ET (4:30 AM IST), US President Donald Trump did not exist. These ecstatic moments lasted for full 11 minutes. Initially, it was not clear what happened to the account. Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Later, it was revealed that a ”rogue” employee kept the president at bay from his beloved Twitter account to leave the company in style.

Source: Twitter

Just after the tragedy, one of Twitter’s verified accounts said that Trump’s feed was “inadvertently deactivated due to a human error.” This eliminated the possibility of insinuations from any hacker’s group. Intensities heightened, tensions rose. Couple of hours later, the claim of “human error” proved to be insignificantly half true as further investigation revealed a Twitter customer support employee the culprit and did this on the employee’s last day. Twitter later promised to go deep into the matter and would conduct appropriate internal investigation.

Twitter suffered from a “nuclear holocaust” like situation. Twitterati kept bombarding trolls, sarcastic one liners, jokes, conspiracy theories, etc. Some even termed it as the “best five minutes of the year”.

Some termed it as the nation uniting event.


A conspiracy theory was framed on the short disappearance and the events of the past 2 years as “the result of warring sects of time travelers”.

Trump, in the past, used his Twitter handle to levy attacks publicly. Some of the well-known targets were Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill, who he opined as roadblocks to his policy initiatives, NFL players who knelt down during the anthem to protest racial injustice, Obama, Katy Perry and her marriage with Russel Brand, and many more. With his tweets, Trump has provoked North Korea’s Kim Jong Un into vowing to “tame the deranged U.S. dotard with fire.”

It’s not the first time that Trump has been the center of criticism. Well-known author, Stephen King, once termed Trump as a “bad-tempered asshole” getting the nuke-codes.

The recent being Eminem, who made a full freestyle “anti-Trump” rap video. In the video, he referred to the NFL incident and lavish foreign trips. He even termed him as “kamikaze”, “racist”, “might cause a nuclear holocaust”. Many athletes and figures in hip-hop commended Eminem for his socially charged lyricism including Kaepernick himself, LeBron James and J. Cole.

Finally, @realDonaldTrump came aboard and addressed his twitter “followers” with a reason for his short disappearance.

So, this once again proved that pen is mightier than the sword and now this ‘pen’ has metamorphosed into social media. The power Twitter holds in this era is enormous. The responsibility part varies and in Trump’s case, it falls to the abysmal depths.


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