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Starbucks opens its fifth worlds largest roastery coffee shop in Shanghai

From a single coffee bean store to a revolutionized transition as an international coffee house Starbucks has won the trust of million coffee lovers in the entire world.

Image source : Deezen

Starbucks saw its biggest accomplishment when it opened the world largest coffee outlet in Tokyo. The store exhibits specialty coffee presented in lavish ways with roasted beans. “Celebrate the romance of coffee,” says Kevin Johnson to CNN Business.

Image source: Food and wine magazine

The architect Kengo Kurma designed the store in a unique fashion with the four-story inspired by the Cheery blossom trees that line the nearby Meguro river. It is blueprinted in a pattern where the customer sitting inside while sipping a cup of coffee will be able to see the view of the Cherry blossoms blooming outside the sheeny glass window pane. It also host the world’s largest Teavana tea bar as well as for event lounge. It is the fifth roastery that Starbucks has opened worldwide and the others built in Seattle, Shanghai, Milan, and New York. It is a 1200 sqm spread out over four floors.

The floors are divided into four where the fourth floor spaces the terrace and is the house of the roasting factory. The first floor will welcome you with a bakery and café for a quick snack. The Teavana tea bar rests on the second floor with the ultimate Arriviamo cocktail bar on the third floor. This luxury Starbucks coffee shop is a must tour if you happen to be in Shanghai.

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