Monday, April 19, 2021

Somalia(15th October 2017): Deadliest Scaling Attack, in Mogadishu.

Wherein India, people are lighting bombs to celebrate their traditional homecoming of Lord Rama, people of mogadishu suffered under the single truck bomb attack, in which several people have been killed including innocent children.
Mogadishu, place in the Banaadir region of Somalia, is recently cursed by a bomb attack. This attack came into existence by a single truck, which was loaded and packed with kilos of top grade and homemade explosives and killed nearly 300 people, hundreds of them are injured and counting is still expected to hype up. Due to the measured loss in the current market, this attack is considered to be the deadliest attack since decades, in the history of bombing.
It is assumed by the officials that, al-Shabaab, member of al-Qaida, coloured his hand with the blood of severals of innocents through this attack. Earlier this year, al-Shabaab took oath that its tribe will increase the number of attacks after the administration of trump’s election procedures and also due to the recent announcement of the strict action against the group by the freshly elected Somalia’s President.
The man behind this attack is just an assumption and no official announcement has been made but a man in the security check has been suspected because he drove the truck of explosives into the area and also confessed that he’s proud of what he has done and it all was for jihad.


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