Save This Earth Before It Kills You

It all began with the industrial revolution, and there is no turning back since then. Industrial-age coal burning enhanced the natural greenhouse effect. In 1965 a US President’s Advisory Committee panel cautioned that the greenhouse effect is a matter of “real concern”. Not much time after this, people began realizing the degradation of climate is predominately caused due to human interference with nature. But again there was a reason behind this – Population Explosion. In 1800 the world population reached to one billion figure, which went 4 billion in 1975, five billion in 1987, six billion in 1999 and seven billion which was recorded in 2011. The number is forever increasing with the world population standing on 7.6 billion figure today. With spiking demographic figure, basic necessities are rising too. And as one thing leads to other – we are living in a dark hour today. In 1998 Strong El Nino conditions combined with global warming produced the warmest year on record. The average global temperature reached 0.52C above the mean for the period 1961-90. But, ever since mankind began to keep records, 2015 was recorded as the hottest year.

India stands in the top ten biggest greenhouse gas emitters list, and so pays off the consequences likewise. Global warming just doesn’t affect the environment, but also a nation’s economy, polity, and on a very basic level, the livelihood of an individual. There was a time when incidences of farmer’s suicide have hit the nation – newspapers were flooded with mournful tragedies about farmer’s suicide, the worst part we are faced with similar news even today. It is due to the climate change cities beside sea bodies are threatened with coastal flooding. And can we forget about the harmful effects that ultraviolet rays bring on us or the percentage reductions in world gross domestic product due to climate-related costs such as dealing with increased extreme weather events and stresses to low-lying areas due to sea level rises. On a global front, China started to curb its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2015. China and the United States reduced their emissions by 0.7% and 2.6%, respectively, compared to 2014. Emissions in the Russian Federation and Japan also decreased, by 3.4% and 2.2%, respectively. However, these decreases were counterbalanced by increases in India of 5.1%, in the European Union, where emissions increased by 1.3%, and by increased emissions in a large group of the smallest countries.

There are multiple treaties, protocols, conventions that are assigned to keep tab of the climate change at this alarming – and they are doing their job brilliantly. On the national level – people, organizations, NGOs are organizing rallies, workshop, programmes to aware people of this degradation and its outcome on our race and environment. Just to mention – the Narmada Seva Yatra that held people’s attention for a while has ended and so our conventions to safeguard our environment to lead a harmounious life. Does this mean that our conscious being has limited itself to the shout? Why can’t people have a constant introspection about their own deeds that is affecting the nature, because this is what we claim to learn at the moral and environmental classes, right? On an individual front you can’t do a lot – but still do a part – just be sensible enough to understand it.

We also spoke to Mr. Pranav Tripathi:

Image source: Facebook
  • Scientist at Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay)
  • Former Postdoctoral researcher at Wits – University of the Witwatersrand
  • Former Project Fellow at National Environmetal Engineering Research Institute
  • Studied Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at Tongji University

“Solution for this problem is not easy if will have thoughts about bringing positive change in ourselves for the awareness of climate change problem, this way the effect will be shown after 100 years. So it is very important to initiate as soon as possible and we all should understand the importance of climate in our daily life. Both short term and long term efforts will be required to get the hassle free environment. Efforts like we should turn off the light when not in use, should switch off buttons, turn off laptop if not using etc. Such things will help only 20 25℅ only but for long term effect we should resues water and should try to generate renewable energy apart form that reuse of garbages after recycling it will be helpful.”


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