Sunday, September 24, 2023

Pakistan Miffed with India-US Drone Deal

The $2bn deal between India and the US has reportedly miffed Pakistan. The defense deal for 100 Avenger predators was criticized by the Pakistan on the ground of International responsibilities.

FO Spokesman Nafees Zakaria said the balance of power in the region would be disrupted because of the deal, and that providing sensitive military technology to India was akin to incitement of its ‘misadventures’.

“Global powers should be aware of their international responsibilities before making such agreements,” he said, adding that international agreements, regulations and treaties should be considered before providing India any such technology.

The FO also said that all civil nuclear technology agreements should be governed by rules of nuclear non-proliferation.

Blatantly pointing finger at India’s intention for the deal, Pakistan stated that the drones can easily be used for Military use instead of Civil use. The country that has been slammed tirelessly by the World for promoting terrorism has now decided to use “International responsibilities and Sensitive military deals” as tools to attack its neighbor.

Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria, while addressing a weekly news briefing here, said that Pakistan consistently maintained that preserving regional stability should be the fundamental consideration in any international arms transfer.

Zakaria said Pakistan’s foreign policy direction was very clear.

The spokesperson said Pakistan had no aggressive designs against any country and it believed in shared regional prosperity by exploiting the full potential of this region.

Sighting several short comings of India’s Nuclear management programs, the FO came out with blazing guns at India and the US.

But the question still remains, Why is Pakistan miffed with the deal when It was, for safety reasons, trying to buy Russian S-400 missiles for Self defense this February? Is the questioning even justifiable?

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