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Cricketer Chris Gayle has won a defamation case against Australian
publisher over articles which claimed that he exposed himself to a
female massage therepist.
Chris Gayle is known for his aggresive and powerful playing style in cricket and is
very popular off field too. But with the huge fan following, controversies follow him.
And Sydney 2015 case is one of them.
The masseuse, Leanne Russell had told the hearing that Gayle exposed himself
to her in Sydney in the dressing room during an international test series in 2015.
Russell gave evidence last week that it was “horrific” and she cried uncontrollably
in 2015 after the West Indies cricketer pulled off his towel down to expose his
penis and asked her, “Is this is what you are looking for?” when she walked into
the changing room at the Drummoyne Oval in Sydney. Later on Australian media
Fairfax published the matter and claimed about Gayle’s exposer to the masseuse.
The cricketer sued the publisher Fairfax for the articles which he said were untrue
and had damaged his reputation. Gayle successfully argued that the incident
didn’t happened. The Supreme Court in Sydney took less than two hours to
answer no to all three questions it was asked to consider , including whether he
had exposed himself and indecently positioned her and thus the Fairfax lost the
legal case.
On Monday Gayle won the demattion case against the Australian publisher Fairfax
and embraced his legal team as they walked free and said, “I am a good man. I
am not guilty. He said it was never about the money and if Fairfax appealed it
would fight it again.
Fairfax on the other hand, said it believes the jury had “misled in a way that
prejudiced Fairfax” and it did not get a fair trial. “It will cost the company alot of
money” said a spokesperson of Fairfax.
The jury ruled that the company was motivated by malice when the articles were
published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and Canberra Times. Gayle,
38, is one of the highest profile cricketer of the world and is “very happy” with the
legal decision of the Sydney High Court.


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