Sunday, September 24, 2023

Alia Bhatt: Dad said not to use popularity for your own self..!!

New Delhi : It’s nothing new when A-listers celebrities endorse a good cause or start their own thing altogether for good of other. Bollywood young actress Alia Bhatt does not want to stay behind too. This daddy’s little girl says that she wants to walk on the words of her father and nowadays is busy balancing her career and the cause of educating girl child.

Whilst addressing the media, the actress said, “My mother has always taken the initiative to educate the girl child of the servants in our building. So, I have seen all this since my childhood and also, my father tells me that instead of using the little popularity that I have for my own self, I should do something for people who are in need.”

Alia, though endorsing education amongst girls, clearly says she does not want to study further and has got over with her education.

She believes she cannot be a teacher too until unless it’s related to acting, singing or dancing.

Alia will be next seen in Vikas Behl’s ‘ Shaandaar’ opposite Shahid Kapoor which is scheduled to release on October 22.


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