Sunday, September 24, 2023

She’s Spicy, She Is Selling, She Is Hit and Hot, Who Is She?

The moment you saw the image on the article and it made you read the article, it did it’s job. It was Hot, It was spicy it made it worthy selling and now it’s hit. Politician wants her, the Celebs play to her, and everyone sighs at her dual oomph of Love and Hate.

She claims she is eternally No.1. She loves speaking the truth, but adulteration attracts her like
glue. She runs where the story is. She sleeps only when the entire
world dies. She is MEDIA.
This damsel called Media makes you feel she’s dancing to your tunes. Look
closer, and you’ll find – it’s both ways. Media is a tool, which politicians, celebs, and onlookers use to their advantage. But, media too has perfected the art of
use and re-use. When media is in a heat, she arm-twists the entire who’s who.
But when she’s laid down, she succumbs to the high and mighty with ease.
The credibility of media is in the hands of media itself. The media decides, which
truth to stick to, and which lie to inflate. The concept of Paid News, TRP Games,
and Masala News – is all real and sizzling. Neither do the media shy away from
gimmicks, nor does it accept the sullying on the open?
As the nation goes into an election mode, this damsel bathes in all the attention
— that politician, ruling parties and opposition showers on her. Then, when the
electoral Sunsets, this vicious kitten rasps at the workings of Netas, Celeb
gossips, VIPs and their socio-cultural antics.
Media is a double-edged sword. Her gumption to show truth is as real as Paid
News, TRP fine-tuning and masala gossips.
Media is a packaged deal; you cannot accept some and reject some. She comes
as a whole. She’s refreshing, stale, cajoling, erratic and indispensable. That is
media. Politicians fall for her when the elections come ticking. We too stick to
her for our regular updates on the go. Everybody needs media.


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