Interesting Avenues Where You Can Invest

First of all, be thankful, we people are part of historic economic development of Indian economy.
We’ve seen some massive changes in our economy and standard of living but then also we’re
still one of the poorest country and were ranked 132th by IMF on “ease of doing business”. Good
news is that new government took some courageous move and made some historic changes in
putting India on global map of capitalism and digitalisation.
1. Pursue your passion. Invest and start your own small business, it doesn’t matter if you’re
a graduate or an artist, you can start your small business like Blogging, Food Delivery services or
become an angel investor. Be aligned with vision and mission of the company because of its high
risk. Passionate start-ups want to bring some changes in market at first they’re movement of an
individual or group of people.
2. Mutual Funds. If you’re happy with your job and you don’t want to quit. You can invest
on mutual funds. As of now because of slow down of global market Indian companies are
effected but eventually they will grow. One advice, invest on companies which possess global
3. Real Estate. only If you have good amount of money. Because when the market is down
that is when all good investors will buy all the supply and set the trend and price of the market.


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