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Do They Eat Human Flesh?

When we first hear of the word “Aghori” we imagine a fierce man smeared into cremation ashes on their body with hair locks falling all around, skull in one hand and chillum in other with a huge cloud of smoke being exhaled near Kashi or Varanasi.
This view can give goosebumps to normal people. There are several believes that run around, several questions that may haunt a normal person. Who are these people and why do they live near cremation grounds? Do they really eat human flesh? Do they really perform sex with dead bodies?
Well, there are many questions that may echo into ones head when they encounter the word Aghori.
Aghori is ascetic (sadhu) who worship Lord Shiva. They perform meditation during the night in cremation grounds free from all fear and worldly attachments. The word Aghori is derived from Sanskrit aghora for shiva, there is nothing like pure or impure and hence Aghoris do believe in the same. When they consume human flesh they actually surpass the common belief of taboo and liberate themselves from any human attachments of good or bad, evil or pure.
Yes, they do perform sex with dead bodies but it’s not for pleasure but its a tantric ritual and corpse is specifically chosen on the basis of certain criteria and the one has to reach to climax only at the end of mantras. This is another tantric form of reliving all powers in them to connect to their lord and hence they are believed to have mystical powers. An Aghori desire for nothing than salvation.
They also worship Dattatreya that is Trinity (shiva, Vishnu, Mahesh) in one bodily form as their predecessor. Aghoris follow left-hand tantric worship. They do have shadhna or (worshipping by a corpse) to invoke goddess TARA. She is one of the ten mahavidyas like KALI. They worship her to get blessings and attain supernatural powers.Aghoris are believed to perform transformative healing to cure any person who approaches them.
Well, as far I am concerned I want to approach them. Do you wish the same?


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