बुधवार, जनवरी 20, 2021

35% of NCR residents want to quit NCR

The pollution levels are alarming in Delhi. The night after Diwali was smoggy with Air Quality Index greater than 500. The residents had a premonition about the future months before Diwali. That’s why they invested heavily on Air-purifiers and masks. A new survey results pops up, which shows that 35% of the respondents want to leave NCR as soon as possible. 

A poll conducted by social-media based organization – LocalCircles – stated these findings. The poll was conducted in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram and Faridabad. 12,000 citizens participated in the poll. 

Among them, 35% want to permanently leave NCR while 26% can manage with proper Air-purifiers installed in their homes and offices. 12% want to leave NCR during ‘high pollution’ period only. 

When asked about the affect of pollution on them, 57% said that they observed health issues but didn’t visit the doctor till then. 23% said that at least one of their family member has visited the doctor while 7% suffer from serious and hospitalizing health issues. 

Another question in the survey was to know how they cope up with the situation. 56% are without any protection. 8% have air purifiers installed at their homes while 15% are using masks. 21% are using both masks and air-purifiers at home. 

The Air Quality Index recorded on Children’s Day was 359. It is still in ‘Very Poor’ category. Leaving NCR can be justified as no-one wants to inhale such poison. 

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