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Updated on December 8, 2023 3:20 pm

Historically the Varanasi or Banaras has been famous all along for its socio-economic and religious importance. But at the same time, it also presents a complete museum of the Indian art and culture.

Varanasi has, since times immemorial been hailed as a leading center for some of the finest Indian handicrafts. For centuries, the city has produced master craftsmen and earned the name and fame for its beautiful sarees, textiles, toys, ornaments, metalwork, clay, and woodwork.

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The city is most important as a Brocade weaving center. It is believed that the weaving industry flourished during the Vedic period and touched its climax with the introduction of Mogul pattern of designs during the early 16th century. ‘Banarasi sarees’ with beautiful zari brocade produced by local craftsman are among the most preferred, not only in India but also all over the world.

Antique fashions come alive in the city with paisley work and ancient embroidery techniques, known as ‘Kal Balta’ and ‘khinbab‘. The craft culture of Varanasi is often associated with myths and legends.

With the textile so talked about, tourists visiting the holy city are keen to visit the areas housing the weavers to have a glimpse of the creation of the world famous banarasi sarees. This, in turn, is also leading to textile tourism or weavers trails becoming popular in the city. Tourists, especially foreigners and NRI’s not only buy the products from Varanasi but are also very keen to know how it is made. A lot of tourists are just fascinated to see how this handicraft is created. People are eager to know about the art and the effort that goes in the weaving of a banarasi saree.

Varanasi is also becoming an attractive center for the photography tours. So everything related to the creation of banarasi saree, from weavers life to the process of creation of the exquisite piece, form striking visuals for the photography.

What makes the work here more interesting is the fusion of traditional designs and techniques with contemporary elements. Varanasi is a great experiential travel destination with several components and craft is one of them.

Along with the handicrafts, Varanasi is also famous for its good food culture. To know more about the sweet-spicy side of Varanasi check the list of 12 Best Ideas of Food to eat in Varanasi.

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