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Updated on September 24, 2023 5:55 am

Incredible India 

India is incredible. Everyone knows that. But, what makes India Incredible? Its diversity of culture? Its variety of geographical features? The vast and various historical allegories from different eras? Biodiversity hotspot? The food? Let’s find out:


From mighty Himalayas to serene Arabian Sea, India has got nearly every type of geographical feature available to humans. The natural skyscrapers – Himalayas, the world-feeding Plains, the thirst quenching rivers, the scorching desert, the mineral-rich Plateaus, the plethora of sunken islands,  the sun-drained beaches, India has got all.





Image source: Google Drang Drung Glacier, Kargil


Image source: Google Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer 


Image source: Google Lakshdeep Islands 


Image source: Google Matheran, near Mumbai 


Image source: Google Valley of Flowers


Image source: Google Sangam of Mandakini and Alaknanda Rivers, Rudraprayag.


Image source: Google Plateau 


Image Source: Google Goa 



India boasts a vibrant culture politely. Yes, politely. Being polite and humble is the main teaching of Indian Culture. It is said that dialect changes after every 10 miles. There are numerous languages each having numerous dialects and way of speaking. Each dialect has its own rendition to the literature, summing up the tremendous audacity of the Indian Literature. The women’s traditional wear saree, looks simple as a long cloth, but nearly every state has its own way to tie it up. India welcomes the world with the gifts of Classical music and dance forms. The country is the origin of religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc. Despite so many religions, we live in harmony.

Image source: Google Different Types of Saris, Ghagra Cholis and Salwar Kameez 



Image source: Google Indian Classical Music Concert 


Image source: Google Classical Dance forms 


Spices, which brought foreigners to India, serve as the core of Indian food. From Greeks to British via. Persian, Arabians, Mughals, everyone found their place in the Indian menu card. From sizzling street foods to delightful delicious cuisines, the list never ends. One would require several re-births to complete the Indian Menu Card.

Image source: Google Gujarati Thali 


Image source: Google Bengali Thali 


Image source: Google Pani-Puri 


Image source: Google Fried Chicken Biryani 


Image source: Google Vada Pav 

Monuments and Heritage 

Temples, caves, memorials, stupas, minarets, pillars, forts, palaces, bridges… the list has no limits. India is the dream place for every architecture enthusiast. Each monument has its own history, its own unique architecture, its own soul. The design, the durability, the precision, the qualities like acoustics, ventilation, unconquerability, etc. tells a lot about the marvels of Indian Craftsmen and architect.

Image source: Google, Amber Fort


Image source: Google, Gateway of India


Image source: Google, Char MInar,Hyderabad


Image source: Google, Golconda Fort


Image source: Google,Howrah Bridge, Kolkata




Image source: Google, Taj Mahal, Agra
Image source: Google, Tungnath Temple, Uttarakhand 

These are the things that contribute in Incredible India how do you contribute?

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