The Evolutionary Discovery Of Jurassic Era “FISH LIZARD” In Jurassic Park Of India!!

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Updated on September 24, 2023 2:45 am

Nearly 5.5 m long,skeleton like,is thought to belong to Ophthalmosauridae family was uncovered in Kutch region of Gujarat by an Indo-German team of researchers.

The view of skeleton like fossil of Icgthypsaur found near lodai village in Kutch district of Gujrat.

Gujarat is home to one of the largest known deposits of Dinosaur remains,and is frequently dubbed as India’s jurassic park and has shook us with yet another discovery of fossils of 150 millions years old “Fish lizard”, also known as ichthyosaur. The term ichthyosaur is a combination of two Greek words meaning fish and lizard and were large reptiles that lived at the same time as Dinosaurs. Many such fossils have been found in North America and Europe but never in India.

A group of researchers from University of Delhi reported the discovery in PLUS ONE,a scientific journal and is said to be 5.5 metre long, 150 to 200 millians years old and usually in the form of teeth or fragments of bertebrae. Guntupalli Prasad,one of the authors of study told that “when my colllleagues found the first fragment of the fossil they thought it was a dinosaur but the bone was too long and later the whole skeleton was unearthed. It is first jurassic ichthvosaur found in India. Prasad said the team will be able to study the fossil better once it is extracted from the rock matrix it is currently encased in.

Such preserved fossils are rare and Gujarat find gives experts a chance to study the remain in much detail.”The discovery adds to the knowledge of ichthyosaur from southern continent” said Prasad, a vertebrate paleontologist at the university of Delhi.


In India,earlier too researchers have discovered evidence of ichthyosaur in prehistoric era. Evidences were reported from Tamilnadu in 2016 but these were only fossils of teeth and part of vertebra.But the fossils that have been discovered in Gujarat gives a clear picture of the Dinosaur aged “fish lizard”.

India with this evolutionary discovery comes with south America on the way of great researches in fossils of different extinguished species around the Globe and is matter discussion in the world of scientists and geologists.

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