Struggling For It’s Identity and Forgotten History: Siddhartha nagar

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Updated on September 24, 2023 4:54 am
‘Iti Siddharthanagaram’
Siddharthanagar a place of serene motivation and peace is blessed with the divinity of Lord Buddha. If we go through the lanes of history. A small district struggling for its identity in the state of Uttar Pradesh separated later from Basti district to give it’s own introduction to the society for the importance it holds.
Siddharthnagar is basically famous as the part of ‘Kapilavastu’ territory where Lord Buddha spent the starting 29 years of his life as Prince Siddharth. This brought the district to be named as Siddharthnagar. Although the kapilavastu territory was scattered widely in the present country Nepal keeping the birthplace (Lumbini) of Prince Siddharth there, but then Siddharthnagar is known to be the part of hometown of Buddha. His pre- enlightenment period was spent here.
Also the place is famous for the cultivation of Kalanamak rice, a scented variety of rice and its aroma is known to be the gift of Lord Buddha. This also leads to the economical benefit of this place which the farmers of Siddhartha nagar hardly grow, There are hardly five farmers in number who grow the rice Kalanamak. Which is now seeing shortage in production, but the demand remains unaffected and is high in demand across the country no matter people hardly know about this blessing of lord Buddha. It is said : “When the rice was cooked, it’s aroma was spread widely upto miles in form of blessing’s and it had such taste and richness in itself.
Siddharthnagar gave the birth of many legendary people who became the hands of freedom struggle such as Qazi Adeel Abbasi, Maulana Abdul Qayyum and many more.
Every place holds a history which makes it a known place today and this was about Siddharthnagar, thus ‘Iti Siddharthanagaram’.

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