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Updated on September 24, 2023 4:54 am

There are some amazing facts about the ‘Heart of India’.
-Bhopal was initially named as “Bhojpal” after the name of ruler who had his reign as Bhopal for a long time. The term “bhoj” is named after the kind Parmara king Bhoj and the term “pal” means “dam” as this ruler built several dams surrounding the numerous lakes that are still present in the city.

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-It would surprise you as this city saw its golden period during the rule of the Muslim queens, more popularly called the “Begums”.  The height of the arts, public works, culture and architecture were astonishingly high during the rule of the ladies in this city. Among the most prominent and remarkably made historical monuments are the shaukat mahal, moti masjid, jama masjid, chowk bazaar, Taj ul Masjid, gauhar mahal, sadar manzil and taj mahal. The begums gave the city all important things including the postal systems, railways, municipalities .
– If we talk about the manufacturing facts, at Mandideep, the biggest manufacturing facility of the Éclair, Cadbury is established. The largest Electrode plant of the world is also located in bhopal.

-The Chowk Bazaar located in old city of Bhopal is still an ultimate destination for shoppers while witnessing beautiful articles decorated in shops.

– If we talk about the educational institution, Bhopal Came to be known as the engineering hub. The city proudly calls itself a home for about 150 prestigious institutes for engineering, not only engineering but the city has the finest institutions for medical sciences, forestry, architecture, science, planning, fashion, and law institutes as well.

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– Taj ulmasjid  constructed by Begum Shah Jahan is believed to hold its place as one among the largest mosques of Asia. Residing in the heart of India, the city of Bhopal has various UN identified sites for the culture and heritage like Sanchi, and Bhimbetka which are dedicated to Buddhism and rock paintings .

-With rising pollution and health problems, the city still manages to hold its position in the most green and healthy cities of india.

– It is rightly called city of lakes because it has more than fifteen large and small lakes. The upper lake is one of the sight seeing in city, it is also the attraction of the city.

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-The city has a national park, which is home for many birds, animals and plants “VanVihar national park”.

-DB city mall is recognized as seventh largest mall in country and covers an area of 1,350,000 square feet, and has above 180 outlets of national and international brands.
These are some good facts about bhopal which one should know but, there are some serious and surprizing facts related to the biggest disaster, ‘Bhopal gas tragedy’.

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One of the worst industrial leaks in the history of mankind was experienced by Bhopal. This dreadful leak of a poisonous gas did not only kill thousands within days but also left a trailing effect that would continue to last even today! Known to the world as the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, it is saga of those thousands who lost their lives back in 1984 and millions of those Bhopalites who continue to live today with theworst memories of the nightmare. There are terrible Bhopal Gas Tragedy facts and uncover the event to turn to be a deadly event.

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-One of the worst industrial leaks in the history of mankind was experienced by Bhopal.
-In 1999, reports found that the mercury levels when the gas leak took place were between 20,000 to 6 million.
-The Government recorded 5,295 deaths while activists claim that 25,000 people have died from the aftermath in the following years.
-The next generation of children are born with conditions like brain damage, twisted limbs and musculoskeletal disorders.
-The main accused Warren Anderson was arrested and released on bail of $2100 by Madhya Pradesh police. He was flown out of the country in a Government place.
-More than 2000 animals were dead from the effect of the gas and were disposed of all together in the nearby river.

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