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Updated on December 1, 2023 6:28 pm

Trip to Heaven of Mountains!!

Himachal Pradesh carries individuality with beauty that counts on every snow- capped mountains there. Trip to this state is always pleasing to mind and in it is a town Dalhousie adding on for the same. Although a gift of Britishers, the town is real blessing of nature. An aura of beauty for summer retreat. With several victorian- style mansions, Scottish architecture and other charming colonial buildings, if you can relate to the south of Bombay, this place will take you back in time.
My visit to the place lasts 10 years back, but then it still soothes my heart when I think of Dalhousie in my mind today. The sceanic hill station gives the beauty of fragrant pines and oaks sloping on the mountains beside every road you’ll travel there. It would be more like you’re living in poetries of nature. Kalatop gives the frame of that white pearls of snow beautifying the mountains and that too during sunrise and sunset, A day with a beautiful start and night full of stars is a spectacular moment which could be captured in soul for the lifetime. Also with the wildlife sanctuary situated there makes an addition to your proses.
Another charm of the place resides at Khajjiar, could be best known for its lake and a small green round hut connected to bridge will remind you thr romance of ‘kuch kuch hota hai’ bringing you on those beautiful piano tunes in your mind connecting you well and best with your partner. Or else the place is best to teach you to love yourself . Those green large valley of Khajjiar touching and playing with all those white clouds will force you to fall in love with that place.
Also with rich handicrafts and tibetan market, it helps the shopaholic tourist to get something new for themselves.
Dalhousie is an ideal place to relax and distress. My visit is a history to my life now, but I can assure that yours could be much more admiring in today’s busy, not so easy life.

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