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Updated on September 24, 2023 3:48 am

On roll or what?

WhatsApp is expected to introduce its brand new standalone WhatsApp Business.

Before giving off ‘Deleting messages for everyone’ and ‘Sharing live location’ feature this month – the Facebook owned company had announced on its official website to test new features that aimed to make easier communication between people and businesses that users look forward to reach out on WhatsApp. Since then the group has built and tested new tools via a free Whatsapp Business App. The test was to see whether the businesses could use the Messaging App’s solutions to provide customers with useful notifications or not. Primarily used to connect people, the Messaging App is now seen connecting businesses. Although a messaging app, the platform was used on a large scale by organizations to connect their employees, or clients or customers informally for its end to end encryption security and ease to use. To give this user need a somewhat concrete shape the idea behind WhatsApp Business is made, according to WhatsApp’s official website.

Currently being tested through a closed pilot program, the new business app will be introduced by the group as a standalone app. According to their official website’s FAQ page the new business app is user controlled since anyone can stop a business from contacting them at any point by simply blocking them, right within the chat. Users can confirm about the account type by checking on the contact’s profile.

Verified accounts have been verified by the WhatsApp and bears a green checkmark badge in its profile. Confirmed accounts have matched account phone number with their business phone number and bear a gray checkmark badge in its profile. Lastly, business account which is using the business app, but hasn’t confirmed nor verified by WhatsApp, this account hold a gray question mark badge in its profile.

The new app has almost the same features as the Messenger except for a few added ones. While the previous features rolled out by the App proved productive and were loved hugely by the users informally, we hope to see this standalone app shine and prove its worth by connecting business as well.

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