Apple calls the 2015 model MacBook for battery review, know how?

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Updated on May 28, 2023 3:00 pm

A narrow escape for the owners of the 15-inch MacBook Pro units since they have called for the replacement of the battery which is free of charge. The decision was made due to the high risk that was detected from these units- overheating and battery explosion.

Image source: Mac rumours

This service is only applicable to the owner who has purchased these units from between September 1, 2015, to 2017. The device models will be detected by expert engineers and will be closely monitored by the engineers in the service center in order to track details regarding the glitch. Only after extreme supervision will the engineers call for replacement. Concern users can see if their device qualifies for replacement by checking the Apple Menu in their system finder. A page will be hosted by Apple for the users to enter their serial number.

The brand has also alerted customers to stay off from the units that have stopped working or are showing flaw for the purpose of safety.

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