The Play Of Play: Power play Between BCCI and Sreesanth

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Updated on September 24, 2023 4:54 am

*May 2013: Sreesanth and two of his teammates from Rajasthan Royals
were arrested by Delhi Police on charges of IPL spot-fixing. They were
later discharged.
*September 2013: BCCI put a life ban on Sreesanth and Ankit Chavan.
*July 2015: Delhi Session Court acquitted Sreesanth of all charges
against him.
*August 2017: Kerala High Court revoked the BCCI’s decision to impose
a life ban on the player.
*October 2017: Division Bench of Kerala High Court re-established the
ban imposed by BCCI on the player.

Twitter has been witnessing a tug of war between BCCI and Sreesanth
since past few days. It all started with the Kerala High Court decision to
restore the BCCI’s decision of lifetime ban on him from the sport.
Angsted, the player stated he might spend the rest of his career playing
for another country on his twitter handle. However, recently he was
found clearing the air that he has been wrongly interpreted and
claimed he simply meant to make a comeback on the ground.
Former Pacer S Sreesanth believes he is being served wrongly claims
the real culprits still play, while he has to fight the big powers who want
to see him out of the game, as reported in the media. He has conceded
that his statements related to representing other nations in the game
have been misjudged. According to the player, he only wants to play in
domestic T20 leagues of different nations. The Kerala High Court in
March this year had issued a notice to the BCCI on a plea filed by
tainted Indian cricketer S Sreesanth, challenging the life ban imposed
on him by the disciplinary committee of the BCCI.

The petition filed by the cricketer was seeking a permission to allow him to play for a
Scottish club in April. A lot has been happening to the former national cricket team player
since he was charged with IPL Spot Fixing. With the recent decision
rolled out of the Division Bench of Kerala High Court, Sreesanth was
seen steaming out of patience and posted on his twitter handle about
the bad decision made by the High Court. The Kerala High Court ruled
that it can’t go through a judicial review in the case and so had decided
to restore the ban. However, the player has questioned the BCCI’s
decision on allowing Chennai Super King and Rajasthan Royals back on
the IPL ground after serving two years of suspension each.

A panel headed by Former Chief Justice of India RM Lodha had suspended
Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings, along with the suspension
the respective team owners, Raj Kundra and Gurunath Meiyappan for
life for illegally betting on games in 2015. As for now, the player who
was planning to play Ranji Trophy for Kerala can reach for the Apex
Court to appeal against the verdict made by the Division Bench of the
Kerala High Court. While the former cricketer has come along a long
way after the scandal – he seemingly still has to go a long way before
he settles down – either on the cricket ground or at his home.

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