Only 15 Paise of 1 Rupay Reaches In The Hands Of Poor

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Updated on September 24, 2023 1:44 am

Prime Minister Narendra Modi whiplashed at the Congress, yet again,
this time resonating the famous 1985 Rajeev Gandhi remark on
‘malaise in the system’. He was found quoting this in his public address
in Ujjire near Dharamshala where he criticized the opposition for
lambasting Demonetization. He recalled the late PMs words, though
not mentioning his name, on a little portion of funds reach to the
economically backward class after being passed by the government, he
recalled his exact words that “if 1 rupees is sanctioned for the under
privileged mass it gets to 15 paise till it reach in the hands of the poor –
the intended beneficiaries”. And then he questioned the public where
did the amount of difference go. Rajiv Gandhi had made the attributed
comment during the 1980s, while highlighting the scale of corruption
prevalent at various levels of governance.
In his speech Modi put pressure on the point that the act of
Demoitization has led the money to its real benefiter and that in pursuit
of making India Digital – his governance has achieved what other people
only had in their talks. He mentioned in his speech that the
government’s initiative has helped to save around fifty-seven thousand
cr rupees from getting into the wrong hands. It was due to his
government who started Direct Benefit Transfer which made possible
the feat to bring on the transparency at all levels in the working of the
system taking measures that included Demonetization and Goods and
Services Tax.
Well, the concerned “malaise” of duplicate beneficiaries reaping the
fruits of welfare schemes meant for the genuine deprived class is all
taken care by Aadhaar Scheme. As far as the Digital India is concerned people are beginning to see the change – and a big one, and so far as
the long goals are concerned, there is still time to see whether our
earnest PM’s speeches were mere words oriented or result oriented.

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