BJP will turn Hyderabad into global IT hub: Amit Shah

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Updated on May 10, 2021 12:17 pm

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday promised that the BJP would develop Hyderabad into a global IT hub by providing civic infrastructure and other necessary means, methods, and support for the evolution of the IT industry by targeting TRS and AIMIM over the recent floods in Hyderabad as the city was completely flooded and 7 lakh families were affected.

Since this place holds great potential to become an IT hub, but TRS and AIMIM failed in the development of Infrastructure even though the funds are being provided by the State and Centre. So by seeing this situation Amit shah said the current municipal corporation under the TRS and Congress is the biggest impediment to this and failed to develop proper infrastructure.

BJP wants to liberate Hyderabad from Nizam culture: Amit Shah - INDIA New  England News
Credit: Indiannewstoday

Subsequently, he highlighted that the BJP will free Hyderabad from the ‘Nizam culture’ and work towards constructing a modern and new city flush with democratic principles. While addressing a news conference at the end of his day-long visit to campaign for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections slated to be held on December 1, he said that the BJP also wanted to ensure Telangana and Hyderabad’s transition from “dynasty to democracy”.

He stated with the immense support of the people, this time the BJP party won’t have to fight to strengthen its presence rather the party will form Mayor of Hyderabad and thus he urged people to support BJP to bring about a change.

Since Hyderabad offers a stable political climate as well as an efficient and good IT infrastructure, it is safe to assume that it will become a core player in Asia in terms of being an information technology hub. The conditions have made Hyderabad a prime destination for offshoring services, making it an alluring destination for many IT companies worldwide.

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