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Updated on December 1, 2023 7:31 pm

5 years ago, on 16th December, a woman was brutally raped in the bus. Delhi was the city which is still the ‘Rape Capital of India’. Many of us participated in rallies to aware the world about this heinous crime and demanded it to stop. We wanted each rape victim to get the justice and offender to get severely punished.

Most of us have forgotten that incident except one – Junior Anand Gupta. He is and was against rape. Earlier, he stood with nirbhaya’s parents after the rape case. He has always stood with different organizations, people, community, and took steps for the rape victims always. He has now come up with a petition. A petition which want to make noise so loud to wake our law-makers from slumber. All he expects is the support of yours by signing the petition. May the victims live the life they deserve.  (Sign it before the link expires, last day 16 December)

 Fast forward 5 years, 85% of the victims still don’t get justice. Rapists are fearless and committing this atrocious deed. DNA evidence is not standardized till yet. DNA labs are slow and it is estimated that around 50% of DNA Samples in Delhi haven’t been tested in over a year. There is no DNA Databank in our country which can help the dead to get justice. Though the DNA Profiling Bill is in development mode but Databank is still several years far, thanks to bureaucracy.
Image source: Facebook

Image source: Facebook

Mr. Anand Gupta while discussing “The Evidence Kit and how to ensure the kit will do a better job of preserving DNA and catching the accused. I learnt that even the quality of the cotton swabs matter and that in India we are using a swab not designed for storing dna evidence. Isn’t it time we got good swabs, and more ? To join or learn more : If you are a victim or wish to report an incident,”

Anu Acharya CEO at  Mapmygenome says about Mr. Anand “He is now working towards a SAFE act to standardize DNA and other evidence collection for rape victims. He is very inspiring and any support to him would be a step towards a safer India’.

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