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Updated on September 24, 2023 2:45 am

According to a recent media report, Jammu & Kashmir witnessed an increase in the number of militant killings.Known worldwide for its explicit beauty, the valley is also known to remain in constant boils over militant attacks, civilian’s property, and life losses. 2001 witnessed the killing of the highest number of militants and security forces, while 2020 militants were gunned down, 536 security personnel, 996 civilians were also killed in the year. The year also registered the highest number of 4522 militancy related incidences. From 1999 to 2003, 7820 militants, 2055 security personnel, and 4519 civilians were killed in the valley. Militancy witnessed a steady decline from 2004 onwards till 2014 with a sharp decrease in the number of killings. In 2013, there were only 170 militancy-related incidents in the strife-torn state in which 67 militants, 15 civilians, and 53 security personals were killed.

The combined operation led by Army, Paramilitary Force, and Local Police have gunned down more than 200 militants in 11 months in the state. It’s been more than a month a since any stone pelting incidents have occurred in the valley. According to the IG of Srinagar, Munner Khan the increase in number has been made possible due to the clarity in the objective in the mission, and well-coordinated teaming between the defense forces. Issues have been dealt according to the circumstances, while to gain the confidence of the local people more than 4,500 cases registered for stone pelting have been drawn back. Moreover, no complicated paperwork for executing any operation has actually made the operations a lot easier to conduct. In South Kashmir, the worst hit of militancy in the state, these three forces have made their special forces individually in the district to conduct the operations. They have been witnessed to spur into action in a small fraction of time on command. This well-coordination, along with other factors have made possible the increase in the number of killed militants.  According to an internal source, approximately 5000 CRPF personals will reach Kashmir in the second week of December.

It is noteworthy to mention other factors that should be kept in focus as well. The valley has been weakened on its economical ground, with its tourism department almost on the verge of ending. India has an unemployment percentage of 2.6%, meanwhile, in the valley, it is 5.6% which is relatively a higher figure. Kashmir has an area of more than 3 lakh km, in spite of this, it doesn’t have any international stadium. In case of women’s education, the state doesn’t even come within the 25th ranking. What government needs to understand at this time is that terrorism isn’t any number but a thought process. The more militants it kills, the more militants will rise. So along with a mission to curb the militants, the government should focus its attention on its policy dedicated to improving the condition of the state. Education should get a place of prominence for a promising future of the state and its people.

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