UP: Chappati And Salt Served To School Children As Mid-Day Meal

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Updated on June 27, 2022 6:59 am

As part of a mid-day meal scheme, a primary school in Mirzapur was spotted serving chappatis with salt instead of vegetable, pulses along with milk and fruits.

A student named Kajal told media- “I had salt with chappatis today in my lunch. Sometimes, we are given vegetables with chappatis but for today’s meal, we just got salt. Many others from the school have claimed that they had not received any milk during the meal.”

An inquiry into this issue has been initiated by the district authorities while calling the situation as a matter of “serious lapse.” A teacher has also been suspended.

Anurag Patel, the District Magistrate of Mirzapur blames the school teachers for the mismanagement. He says- “As per the order by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath the menu of mid-day meals across the districts is fixed. They are also given fruits and milk on some days. But these incidences happen due to the lapse of teachers and supervisory staff.”

The cook has told reporters that she was only provided with half a kilogram of potatoes to serve the children of the entire school. She stated- “I was provided half a kilogram of potatoes, salt and some spices to cook the meal for all children in the school. I could cook only a few chappatis and had to serve them with salt.”

Patel has also told reporters that they have suspended the teacher responsible.

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