Ujjain: Hits People With Superstition

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Updated on September 24, 2023 2:45 am

A country who proudly flaunts her rich heritage and culture, a country who is considered as the
world’s largest democracy, A country whose history and the story is enough to inspire the people around the globe and a country who this year celebrated its 70 glorious years of independence. I feel really proud when I take a look at the entire journey of India and feel happy about how it stands today, but then sometimes I wonder do we actually deserve to call us a part of an independent nation? A nation where the girl child is killed in the womb of her mother, a nation where honor and pride are more important for the family than their own children, a nation where people are brutally killed in the name of religion and where people will blindly follow superstitions. Are we really independent? 20 October when people were still cherishing the happiness of Diwali and its beautiful atmosphere Village Bhidwad in the Badnagar tehsil of Ujjain and its nearby hamlets were indulged into something strange and bizarre.

Every year on the next day of Diwali (mainly celebrated as Govardhan pooja across the country) these villagers lay on the ground with cows running on them at full speed which results in tearing of their clothes. People in this village mainly work as herdsmen tending to the cows and strongly believe that this would bring them good luck & prosperity and would solve all their problems. They also believe that nobody would ever get hurt because the cow is our mother and a mother would never do anything to harm her child, and in case anyone sustains minor injuries they are treated with cow dung and urine as it has medicinal properties to heal all kind of injuries.

The villagers paint their cattle with heena and bright colors and also embellish them with bells for this ritual known as “Gaay Gauhari.” Later they drape garlands around their neck and lie on the ground to allow cows to run over them. Men and women also dance to drum beats and other musical instruments to mark the auspicious nature of this event. This all started with a man praying for a son and when his wish came true this ritual became an annual affair of the village.

We are talking about “Digital India” but what we actually need is “Educated & Aware India.” An India where people don’t have to follow such stupid practices for good luck and happiness.I wish to make a difference with this article to reach the right people, there is huge difference between believe and blind faith and hard work is the only key to the success.Rather than blindly bileve and foolishly rely on such superstitions to seek good luck and happiness.

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