Suhaib Ilyasi acquitted from his wife’s murder case after 18 years

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Updated on October 4, 2023 12:50 pm

Former TV host Suhaib Ilyasi was accused of murdering his wife and was sentenced to life imprisonment. The Delhi High Court earlier this week declared him not guilty. 

Suhaib Ilyasi’s wife, Anju died in 2000 of stab wounds. The circumstances of death raised suspicion because of their on and off relationship. The case got wide coverage because the host of the then most captivating crime show in India was alleged as the criminal. 

Anju was found wounded and bleeding profusely in their East Delhi residence. She had multiple stab wounds. Anju was taken to a hospital, where she was declared brought dead.

Initially, the death came as a case of suicide. Two post-mortem examinations were conducted and the reports suggested no foul play on the part of Suhaib Ilyasi. 

I have been saying for 18 years that I am innocent. Now the honourable court has also said it. There is no compensation for the time, energy, self-esteem and self-confidence, not to mention my career, I’ve lost in these 18 years. I am only grateful to God and the judiciary for finally believing in my innocence. 

Suhaib Ilyasi

Ilyasi admits the world has changed during the 18 years he fought to prove his innocence.

I cannot get back the time I lost. But I want to utilise every moment I am left with on this earth to do the work that I left incomplete when fate snatched away my freedom. Today I am free not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually, thanks to the judiciary.

Suhaib Ilyasi

What can be done?

Suhaib Ilyasi was earlier framed for abetment to suicide and dowry harassment. Due to continuous influence by Anju’s family, the charges were changed to murder. He was found guilty by the lower court which ultimately, High Court over-ruled. 

Just think about the person who spent 18 years in Tihar Jail for the crime which he didn’t commit. Each second of his life would have passed questioning the judgement capability of our Judiciary. Now after 18 years, he was released of the charges.

Think about the physical and mental energy, resources and time which were drained just because of slow nature of our courts. The slow speed of the judgement is because of the loopholes and inaccuracies in our law. The Codes and definitions are not updated since Indian Penal Code was adopted. 

So, what could be done? The Judiciary must be reformed for quick actions. This could be done by hiring more judges and categorizing the cases. The Indian Penal Code’s section must again be reviewed and negate the loopholes, making it equally balanced for victim as well as alleged. The government should also add a clause of compensation from the ‘victim’ if the case is completely ridiculous and motivated with ill-intentions for the time and resources lost by the accused and the Judiciary. 

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