Sindhu’s Smash Against China Leads To French Open Semi Finals.

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Updated on September 24, 2023 5:55 am

There is a special relation between sports and India. Be it cricket, hockey, wrestling, our players have always hoisted the tricolour up high with pride. When we talk about our female athletes there is something really great about them. No matter how much grinding the situation is they never leave a single turn to reach the zenith.

Olympic silver medallist and pride of the nation P.V. Sindhu once again prooved herself when she qualified for the semi-finals of   women’s single super series in French open by defeating Chinese player Chen Yufei on 27oct,2017 (Friday) at Paris.

This match was a cake walk for Sindhu as it took only 41 minutes for her to defeat Yufei. The final score were 21-14, 21-14. Sindhu was in full form today but Yufei was under serious pressure and this made her do futile mistakes. First 10 points was a neck to neck battle between the two but as soon as the lead was captured by Sindhu, she swore not to lose it even for a second. Unfortunate errors forced Yufei to leave behind the lead which she took for a while. In the second game it took some time for Sindhu to take the lead but when she did the game ended with her panache. Sindhu will next play the winner of another quarter final between third seed Sung Ji Hyun of Korea and Japanese fifth seed Akane Yamaguchi on Saturday.

This 22 year old has that astonishing flair in which is clearly visible in her game. She has created history but never stops dreaming. She has won awards which would take days to count, (includes a Padmashree) but she always keep her feet on the ground. With this level of dedication and hard work Sindhu will definitely bring home the beautiful trophy of French open and will always make the nation proud and blessed to have her.

And as the popular saying goes:

‘Serve it, smash it, win it, and love it!

There’s nothing bad about badminton.’

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