Kamal Hasan :Flop In Films, Trying His Luck In Politics

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Updated on July 30, 2021 2:51 pm

It was hard for me to decide the news category of this news as Kamal hasan isn’t a political figure, but his moves are quite political, such filthy political moves doesn’t affects the politicians, but affects mass. Therefore I am sure about my decision of not categorising it under political news.

It seems very common nowadays to shoot someone out. Las- Vegas became a witness of that recently. But little had we thought that such threats would be given out in India as well. Kamal-Hasan, who is recently in all politics mood, remarked about Hindu terrorism and targeted the right wing extremists. He further mentioned how earlier right wing parties used dialogue as a medium of dissent, but now they use muscle power to shunt down opponents. His sayings on Hindu
Terrorism further instigated the people of Hindu outfits to lash out at him.

Where many from the saffron spectrum called him imbecile and preposterous, a member of Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha, Pt. Ashok Sharma said people like Hasan should be either hanged or shot dead. (BJP should also work on campaigns like sawach, shan’t soch wala bharat) People are debating from both the parties involved in the case, but it is sure that Sharma stole the
limelight by his reaction. This trend of controversial remarks meeting with more controversial reactions isn’t anew in the arenas of Indian Politics. It will be lame to take a side on either of the
statements. But the question of political correctness and opportunistic behaviour will always echo in the valleys of blame politics, which has become the trend today.

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