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Updated on September 24, 2023 2:45 am

What, Why, Pros and Cons of firecrackers’ ban in Delhi.

On the eve of 9 October’ 2017, Supreme Court announced that the sale of firecrackers in
Delhi and NCR will be banned throughout the festive season. Although this came as a shock
to Delhiites, the concern of court is also not questionable looking at the aftermath of Diwali in
Delhi last year. According to the bench of justices, another reason to ban the sale of
firecrackers is to find out what effect does it cause to the environment because the numbers
that came out after Diwali last year, about the pollution caused by firecrackers were hideous
and definitely something to worry about. However, the ban has caused huge loss to the
traders as they were already issued a license for selling the firecrackers and had bought the
stock accordingly which is said to be worth 500 Crore. Therefore, Confederation of All India
Traders (CAIT) is demanding compensation for the same.
The decision of the court has obviously not been facing very positive reactions as Diwali is the
festival which is majorly celebrated with bursting firecrackers nationwide. Hence, the
disapproval is expected. Popular author and scriptwriter Chetan Bhagat took it to twitter and
said “ SC bans fireworks on Diwali? A full ban? What’s Diwali for children without
crackers?”. Similarly, a lot of people opposed the decision of Supreme Court as according to
them, the tradition is being hindered.
Although few people also went in support calling the decision wise. Actress Alia Bhatt has
started a campaign called #PoochOverPataka to support the ban as to protect the animals
from all the noise caused by bursting.
The ban has sure turned the nation upside down since the day of implementation but all we
are waiting to see is the effect that’s expected behind it. Let us know what’s your opinion.

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