Haryana Fails Providing Women Safety, Tops Again In Fail List

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Updated on September 24, 2023 2:45 am

Haryana and Women Safety Under the Spotlight, yet again.

Haryana’s failure to ensure safety of the women in the state is not a new thing. Operation Durga was launched earlier this year to prevent crimes against women and many other such promises are made time and again by the governments in the state but incidents like the murder of Harshita Dahiya have made the claims of the government fall flat in their face.
A 22 years Old Hariyanvi Singer, One Gangster brother in-law and several bullet wounds. The tale is bloody and so is the culprit. Harshita Dahiya the young folk singer of Haryana, was on her way to her home along with two companions and her driver when she was shot dead from point blank range near Haryana’s Chamrara Village at around 4 pm this Tuesday.
Two assailants, one black car, several bullet shells and a dead body were the only leads in this case when Harshita’s sister accused her gangster husband of the conspiracy.
Dinesh Karala, who is in Tihar Jail and has 12 registered cases against him at various police stations, was then brought in for questioning by the Police. Harshita had accused him of raping her and killing her mother, back in 2014.
A few days before she was killed, Ms Dahiya had posted a video on social media alleging death threats. “Do whatever you want to, I am not afraid of Dying”, was what she had to say against the threats.
Harshita’s sister Lata, accused her husband of Killing Harshita as she was a lead witness in her mother’s Murder case. A case had been registered under Sections 302, 34 of IPC and 25,54,59 of Arms Act against unknown accused on the complaint of Pradeep.
When brought in for questioning, Dinesh told the police about the conspiracy and also revealed the names of 4 people involved in the killing. Teams have been sent out to arrest them as of now. A 3 years old story of vengeance finally ended with the death of Harshita Dahiya, whose last message said it all. After all it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.She was a hariyanvi ragini singer and also a dancer.

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