CCTV footage exposed Police’s claim for shooting Apple Executive

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Updated on December 1, 2023 6:28 pm

CCTV footage shows Apple store manager Vivek Tiwari was driving his car normally and without any suspicious activity before he was shot dead by a police constable. Later, Kalpana Tiwari, wife of the deceased, met CM Yogi for intervention in the matter. According to her latest statement, Yogi gave positive feedback and announced a hefty compensation. 

Vivek Tiwari was an Apple Store executive. He was dropping his colleague Sana to her home as it was around 1:00 AM. The vehicle was moving at normal speed without any suspicious activity. The patrolling constable was on his motorbike, shot Vivek dead and termed it as self-defense. 

The CCTV footage of the car — when it was minutes away from the police check point— makes it clear that the vehicle was moving at normal speed. The video, which is possession of News18, captures the car of Vivek Tiwari moving around 1:19am in Gomti Nagar area of Lucknow.

A second footage shows that the cops were riding their bike at normal speed at 1:24am without any trace of provocation from anywhere. 

Thus, the CCTV evidence trashed the police’s claim. In response to the lax attitude of police, UP law minister Brijesh Pathak said strict action will be initiated against the senior officers who tried to cover up the incident.

All the lax officers who tried to cover up the issue will also be facing action. I never expected our police could stoop down to such a level. The only eyewitness was also forced by the officials. Her statement and the FIR did not match at all. Some policemen were seen carrying the culprit in their hands, which is very sad and shocking.


Kalpana lodged a second FIR on Sunday. The FIR claims police officials at the crime scene did not allow Tiwari’s colleague Sana Khan from receiving or making calls. Kalpana also accused the cops of forcing Khan to sign on a blank paper. 

Meanwhile, Kalpana met CM Adityanath Yogi and asked for his intervention in the matter. He responded well and, according to Kalpana, all her demands were met. 

The state government later announced Rs. 25 lakh for the family and Rs. 5 lakh for Mr Tiwari’s children’s education; another Rs. 5 lakh has also been given for his elderly mother. 

All my demands have been met. I wanted strict action against the guilty, a job, accommodation, expenses for education of my daughters and my mother-in-law. The Chief Minister acceded to all my demands.

Kalpana Tiwari told the reporters

Our take

Fake encounters and burying evidences are not new. Our police has already mastered such ‘skills’. Its time that these skillful people be removed and create a sense of responsibility among the Police Force. In India, people become nervous in front of police and try to cover up the truth. They even try to avoid helping the victims as they don’t want to run into policeman’s grip. This is the image of police in India. This incident further strengthen the claim. 

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