Thursday, March 30, 2023

Lock imposes over Covid Care Centre of Madhya Pradesh

All the Covid Care Centre of Madhya Pradesh except Bhopal has been locked. The Directorate of Health has also issued an order regarding the closure of these Covid Care Centres. Permission from the State Government will be required to reopen these Covid Care Centers. The state, however, witness the mutant strain of covid19 though these certres are being shut down.

Covid Care Centers are centres where patients with mild symptoms of Covid 19 are admitted. Additional secretary of Health Directorate has stated in his order that few numbers of patients are visiting these centers. Some centers even found completely vacant. On this basis, the Health Directorate has issued an order to shut down of all Covid care centers in the state except Bhopal.

Nevertheless, the closed Covid Care Centers can be reopened. In order to make it possible it has been made mandatory to get the permission from the state government. The Directorate of Health has said in his order that in case of increasing Covid Cases in the districts, these Covid Care Centers can be opened after the permission of the State Government.

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