Winter is Coming, So Make Some Room in Your Closet

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Is your closet pregnant with monsoon and summer wears? Are you worrying how to MIMO (Move In and Move Out)? 

Are you setting out on a winter clothing shopping spree too? Thinking what to pick up to set the warmth rolling? 

Let’s tackle first thing first. Before you go shopping – let’s take a secret peep into the Closet, which is tumbling out all by itself.

MIMO space creation 

A quick look at the wardrobe reveals that ultra-airy chiffons and netted fabrics will soon be made redundant, in the rise of winter. The loose airy tops, the hot pants and shorts are all on their way out too (sic). Your sexy skirts can stay around, if you love wearing high boots and coats over your minis, and flaunt your sexy legs in winters.

MIMO sorting has to be done right now. Summer clothes have to move out. Few monsoon fabrics can stay though. And yes, while sorting, don’t forget to retain your tight tees to be worn as inner tops under your jackets and blazers. Move in your winter wears, after you give them a sun bath and stash them with fragrant moth balls. Don’t forget to make space for your feet warmers too.

A new Sliding door, Hanger-style Winter Wardrobe

Says Interior Designer Mahi Singh, “If you’re on the lookout for a dedicated winter wardrobe – opt for a deeper depth, to get place for your wide coats.” On asked if one should go for the 3-door types, Mahi says, “Winter wardrobes are best suited with sliding doors. A Boots storage shoe-stacker at the lower rack – makes it completely compact and utility based.” Ranging from 20000 INR and above, these sliding wardrobes are a must add-on, if you’re on the lookout.



Airy, Open-designed Winter Capsule Wardrobe  

Alternatively, if you’re moving with a tight, shoe string budget, you can opt for comfort and saving combo. This comes with open hangers, the system racks or rod-styles hanger suites, which can be placed in a corner of your room, and used without the interference of doors, racks and frames. These Capsule wardrobes are high on comfort index and are usage friendly.


What New to Add-on into your winter clothing collection?

Every winter tempts us to make the most of discounts, sale coupons and brand new design launches. If you’re setting on the shopaholic mode, here’s your quick “What’s Trending” guide.

Winter Coats

Your one piece frenzy can be ignited hot with ultra chic winter Coats, over your straight fall short dresses. Opt for Fluorescent colours, and bring the warmth of Black and Grey combined with soft furs on the collars and lapel. Sunshine shades of Yellow and Orange add fiery hotness to the winter chill, and the more variety you window-shop, the better designer stuff you get to bargain.


Stoles, Scarfs and Ponchos

For a skin-pampered look, finish your dress statement with bright colored stoles, scarfs or ponchos – what suits you. Build fluffiness around your petite neck, as you adorn it with soft textured woollen scarfs. If you prefer a neat, plait-dressed look, pull over a poncho on your Jeans or Jeggings, and get the professional executive yet girly look, as you stride into your familiar corridors and make heads turn around on you.


Winter is a climate of indulgence. The weather pampers us into cozy warmth, and winter-wears are the best companions to tide the season in the right spirit. As winter comes knocking, welcome it with the right wardrobe – and stuff it with exactly THAT which catches your shopper’s eye!

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