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Updated on May 28, 2023 3:00 pm

Let us all revisit the early saying ‘Old is gold’, but in Neena Gupta’s occurrence word ‘old’ never happened to her.  The recently sixty turned actor took to Instagram flaunting her floral attire. Be it ripped jeans worn by her at the airport or a loose fitted denim shirt, she is always looking ever youthful and blooming.

Image source: Mid-day
Image source: Mid-day
Image source: Charlotte Viray Penalosa

 She with her ‘on point’ fashion signature style has been making many go awe. She is giving us all the vibe of live young and youthful mercilessly with each growing age. Few other Bollywood icons who have cracked down the age stigma would be Anil Kapoor, Milind Soman, Jackie Shroff and many more.

We are still struggling in the shadows when it comes to Neena Gupta’s secret diet chart for her ageless skin but you can follow these general diets for keeping your skin glowing and youthful.



Image source: American Heart Association

Want to shed few more calorie kilos from your body? Then you must dust the ‘NO to vegetables’ to ‘YES please’. Vegetables not only protects you from harmful sun radiation but it also is an anti-ageing food that you must include in your diet chart. Apart from being nutrient-dense it also gives you other benefits related to your health.



Image source: The daily meal

This fruit is singularly ignored by many of us because of its bitter and sweet taste. But if you want that glowing radiance bliss on your skin then this is your angel fruit. This fruit has the highest amount of anti-oxidants present compared to any other fruit. It helps in decreasing skin inflammation and also will protect your skin from any kind of skin damage.



Image source: Food revolution network

A versatile fruit that you can have it at any time and any day. A unique compound called polyhydroxylated fatty alcohol helps in protecting one’s skin from any kind of skin inflammation and repairs DNA damaged skin.



Image source: SNAP-ed Connection

You must have heard of beauticians asking you to rub a the skin of tomatoes on you face for a better looking glow. The United Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health says that tomatoes protects your skin from damaging rays of the sun.


Fatty fish

Image source: Fish oils

Another source of instant protection of skin inflammation is Fatty fish. It has high omega 3 fatty acid which acts as anti-inflammatory from heavy sun exposure. It protects your skin cells from UV radiations

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