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Updated on September 24, 2023 4:54 am

Bartender is not only serving you the drinks or is not just the mixologist but also your shoulder to cry on, on a bad day. Accepting you with all your shits with a mug of beer in your worsts and providing a fine cocktail for your partying mood. Bartender is a therapist serving you a drink in the best ways they can do forever with a smile. So here are few facts you need to know about bartending on this bartenders’ appreciation day:


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  • Don’t live with a false thought that bartender’s life is endless party.

They actually need to act like the host or manager of your great party. Bartenders have to ensure that everybody’s having fun keeping them out of any trouble and when the party ends they are the one cleaning your shits.

  • Relaxing weekend plans are for us not for them.

Our days of celebration are their hectic working days. On weekends they can never think of their tight sleep and fun shifts. Weekends are bartender’s high income days and we enjoy because they are there for us. You need to appreciate


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  • Bartending requires whole lot of patience.

This is the profession where you need to be good with even not so good people. They had to go easy with all sort of tantrums people through being high on their drinks. Next time when it is difficult being cool in your profession think of these great people.

  • If you want attention on a crowded day, tip well.

If you want to be served well, then give heavy tip on your first drink. Bartenders remember it and take care of you before others. Also a tip on every drink is a ‘yes’.


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  • Bartenders have a good memory.

Have you ever seen your bartender checking the menu or recipe? They have everything memorized. Bartenders have a lot to remember from the recipe to proportions and which drink is whose. I would definitely give you rum for your whiskey that too spoiling it in all manners!!

  • They are good communicators.

Even the introverts of bartenders know how to drive the conversations. They need to keep busy their customers till the time they prepare with drink and that is a multi-talent.

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Go get a drink with your bartender with a healthy conversation to have a great day of appreciation.

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