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Updated on May 28, 2023 3:00 pm

Buying a car with “space to park” in Mumbai gets tougher by the day
The choking traffic on the roads is not just because of the multitude of cars owned by the citizens.
Instead, it is a result of the congestion that is caused because of non-availability to park cars in their own space. There are several regulations that are formed to enhance the lives of the citizens, but all in vain. With consistent rise in the price of the fuel in the country comes the total cost of ownership, which includes maintenance, garage, parking and incidental costs, add up to much more than just the fuel cost.
So, the question arises, if it is worthy to buy a car in this state of rising expenses?
Most housing societies offer a space to park at the cost of the car. Somehow there seems to be no
difference in the price of the car and the car parking itself. A good small car, with fully loaded features, costs about Rs5.5 lakh including all taxes. The car parking on the other hand will cost you 12-13 lakh in the suburbs.
The same in a town like Churchgate would come to you for Rs. 20-30 lakhs depending on the variety of the car. Compact executive cars would easily empty the owners’ pockets  by Rs. 30lakh just to park it in safe residence. Whatsoever the car or its expense, it is crucial to rethink on purchasing a car without a space to park in a city like Mumbai.

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