Rapes In India: Delhi To Vizag, From The Dark To During The Day Light

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Updated on December 1, 2023 6:28 pm

Apart from being the Capital of India, Delhi also functions as a nucleus for Education, Tourism,
Administration, Politics, Culture and everlasting Joy. But since few years, seems like someone has
casted spell on safety of the city. Sadist people, ogling eyes, desperate hands, all these words can’t
describe feelings of a RAPE victim. Yes! The national capital of India turned into ‘RAPE CAPITAL’ of
India. According to National Crime Records Bureau, rape is the fourth most common crime against
women in India. With reference to the survey of 2012, Delhi and Jabalpur was claimed to be the city
with highest per capita rate of rape. Whereas Delhi holds #1 position in the preceding list. Numerous
allegations were made that is it still a safe city for women to survive? Will women be able to go
out after it gets dark?
The records of the reports have been shameless and inhuman, be it a little joyous girl of 7 years, an adult of 22 years, an old lady of 50 years or even an 11 month
infant, in the eyes of rapist, there’s no discrimination amongst them. His desperate eyes will search
for same lust in a lady in burkha, which he’ll find in a girl with a short dress. Yet society will blame
women. But that isn’t present concern of the article I wrote about. Should we blame Delhi for it? No,
we can’t.
Nirbhaya, Damini, Jyoti. When not even their real name can be revealed, then how can someone
imagine their or their family’s pain and agony? No one will keep reminding each other that we have
to be aware, it’s us who have to take steps, step that can bring massive change in the
present environment of DEHLI in-fact in humanity. We can’t just sit idle and shoot videos of rapes and molestation like it happened in Vizag (Vishakhapattanam) on the road side in the day light by a 23-year old drunk boy. You might think this article started from Delhi and now it talks about a rape case in Vizag, The reason behind this is this was a new article based at Delhi, meanwhile it was in the process of uploading this news came up, You can imagine the situation of India, Its not just Delhi this time, We can blame Delhi or any other sate or region, Its humanity.

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