No More Coming On Stage During Saturday Night, You F*** it up’: Elton j

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Updated on June 8, 2023 9:24 pm

By Vaibhav Singh.

In his five decade long career, John has managed to leave a significant impact on the British culture which has earned him five Grammys and five Brit awards along with several important music awards. Sir Elton John was named Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1995 and knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his charitable work in 1996. John, who in the 1980s became one of the first openly gay major celebrities, is a renowned celebrity, and is popular among fans very much for his stage shows.
On his 17th edition of the Las Vegas show, which he has been performing in Vegas since 2011,
a fan messed up in a regular on stage call, which Elton usually does during his shows while
performing his song ‘Saturday night alright for fighting’. The celeb – fan quarrels aren’t any new news. Every other celebrity who goes live and come out of their personal space are excavated by some, from their million fans, which should be taken care of. After the show, the English pianist and composer tweeted that the fan was regularly irritating him and touching the piano keys, even after Elton’s denial. He tapped him on the shoulder again and again and asked for high fives. He lost his patience shouting at the fan and walked off the stage and said he will not join the stage unless he’s removed. He came back and before singing further, he condemned the act and affirmed irritatedly & No more coming on stage during Saturday Night, you f***** it up’.

This wasn’t the first time when Elton met with altercations on the stage. In 2015 he shouted at a
stewardess , after she told the fans not to wave their arms. And in 2016 threatened not to finish
the show at Leicestershire County Cricket Ground if guards prevented fans from dancing in their
seats. He’s really a fan worthy celeb.

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