Christian Bale :The Definition Of Eccentric Dedication.

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Updated on December 1, 2023 7:31 pm

The Cinematic universe is incredible for one reason that it has given the world so many
wonderful artists who are undoubtedly doing best at their jobs. And how do we know this is
true? Well, one such actor has blown our minds with his dedication recently and he hasn’t
done this for the first time. Yes, I am talking about Oscar winning supremely talented
Hollywood actor Christian Bale who has played profound characters like Batman in the
series (Batman Begins, The dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), Irving Rosenfeld in American
Hustle and who can forget his iconic performance in The Mechanist, a movie for which he
went from 121 lbs to 230 lbs in 6 months because his role as Trevor Reznik demanded him
to look super skinny.

A scene from movie.

(Christian Bale as Trevor Reznik in The Mechanist)

Christian’s movies prove his sheer dedication towards his job as an actor and seems like he
won’t stop because the rumour is true that he is “transforming” (getting chubby) again to
play ex American Vice President Dick Cheney. This is said to be one of Christian’s insane
transformations as he is stuffing himself with a lot of pies and pastries to look fat. The
shooting of this movie based on the life of Dick Cheney has begun and internet being a
blessing has circulated a lot of jaw dropping pictures of Christian’s get up. But first you
should see what Dick Cheney looks like just so you can compare or you know, have a good
shocking minute.

This is ex American VP, Dick Cheney.

And here’s Christian Bale, you guys.


(Image Sources – Twitter)
Believe it or not.
Not only Christian but Amy Adams who is playing Dick Cheney’s wife Lynne in this untitled
biopic is totally unrecognizable, looks like she has also been working hard for this role.

Image Source ( Twitter : @prasejeebus)

Since Christian and Amy, both have been a part of DC movies before (Bruce Wayne and Lois
Lane) and we love them unconditionally for being fantastic actors , this biopic is another
worth-the- wait movie that I’m confident about being a blockbuster. The bottom line is,
”…that’s the point of batman, he can be the outcast. He can make the choice that no one
else can make, the right choice.” And that is why he is loved, Batman is loved, Christian
Bale, is loved.

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