Big Boss 11 – Brand New Captain fights with his Bandagi girl & Ex-Captain brews in a new romance with Flip girl Shilpa

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Updated on September 24, 2023 4:54 am

Big Boss format is too simple. It says — I’ll give you Five million bucks after 45 days. There’s a small caveat with it – With over 200 cameras watching on you, I’ll snatch away TV, phones, Net.  You’ll have to put up with a dozen-full strangers. Now – go for it.

Tweeples were chirping their vocal chords textually over the recent brawl that hit the BB11 housemates, and Maverick Times brings the chatter to you – first hand.

You remember Puneesh’s intro video, right — where he says – “Jiske saath mere views Naa match kare, Ya toh woh hatt jaaye, Ya main Ladd ke hataa doon”.

True to his words, Puneesh had a mega brawl with Captain Vikas during Luxury budget Task “Jo mud gaya vo ud gaya” – and snatched Captaincy from him. Vikas got barred from BB Captaincy for keeps, and moved to BB Jail (Kal Kothri).


Vikas bubbled with vengeance and vowed to get Puneesh evicted in the first opportune moment, which was overheard by Puneesh’s BB Love Bandagi. This pair, with a virgin account of no-fight-till-date, broke into their maiden tiff. The fading away of the effervescence between Puneesh-Bandagi now intrigues BB viewers going ahead.

Vikas in Kal Kothri, kisses Shilpa 

Enemies since start, Vikas and Shilpa, shared a close encounter, and kissed and tried to get even, while Vikas peeped in from the Kal Kothri and Shipla embraced him from the outer side of the bars of the big boss jail. (Video)


Arshi Khan offers her body for audience entertainment

Controversy Queen Arshi Khan, already a social media sensation before BB11, made cheap moves and gave a vulgar video snippet along with a female friend in the house, albeit for fun. Arshi has been warned earlier by host Salman Khan to stay in limit in terms of her language. This viral video speaks what words cannot cheap-quote.

Upcoming BB Diwali Bonanza 

BB11 will see the entry of Priyank Sharma and Dhinchak Pooja as wild cards. This would be “Roadies Rising”  and “Splitsvilla 10” star Priyank’s second innings after he was ousted from the house for getting physical. The national Young sensation Dhinchak Pooja (aka Pooja Jain, Delhi based Youtube star – remember her songs “Maine Le Li Aaj” and “Swag Wali Topi” – You got it !), the rich dad’s girl, is all expected to rock the music floor if she makes it into BB11.


Do stay tuned to Big Boss 11, if you Love its wild addiction and eviction drills. Full drama-packed episodes are all lined up in coming days. Happy viewing!


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